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The more people you get out and meet, the more experiences you bring to a variety of people, the more opportunity you create. That’s it

Gentry Thomas

April 17, 2023 –> Hear directly from Gentry Thomas, founding partner of Radio Customs (parent company that owns Shaq Fu Radio, Muddy Country Radio, Podcast Playground and Audio Swamp) as we talk openly about the role of failure in success, about raising investment money, about hard work and behind the scenes work that makes new products become brands TODAY. We talk about intermingling with the famous and what they won’t give you along with what you must bring to play at their table. If you want to go backstage on what it takes to have successful, profitable online radio, this is your episode. If you run a local radio business and you want to grow the value of your products and brands, this is your episode. If you want to understand what willingness and risk look like, this is for you. Learn the value of experience, the power of celebrity and the growth behind hard work. Come on board for the win!

It’s just time to learn from someone like Gentry and to be encouraged by what is possible, that YOU may not even think is possible. I promise – it’s in this episode. We talk about success, online radio, podcasting, growing business, getting sponsorships, fame, failure, learning and growth and – if you are smart – you’re listening to this podcast to help you and encourage YOUR SUCCESS in radio (whatever form that takes for YOU). Learn, grow, self-encourage, get the right mentor. 

Get. Encouraged. Are you ready?

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