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Backstage with Gentry Thomas Podcast
William Shatner Backstage with Gentry Thomas
Backstage With Gentry Thomas
William Shatner Talks Life After Death and Claims the Earth is Flat

Gentry’s Celebrity Interviews

Shaq Fu Radio is a collaboration between Gentry Thomas and former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq has always dreamed of being a DJ and being on the radio. So the Big Fella called Gentry, and together they built the most dominate Hip Hop stream in the game. Download the free app or listen online at

The Podcast Playground is a podcast platform anyone can come to and play. Do you have an idea for a new show? Need help with production, distribution, hosting, how about a studio. Reach out. Subscribe to one of our Featured Podcasts.

Muddy Country Radio

Muddy Country Radio is our heritage streaming station. Started in Gentry’s bedroom, awkward. Muddy finally moved to a jacked-up pick-up in the woods. Tune in for the best collection of country music. Get Stuck in Muddy Country !

New Audio Platform Coming Soon.


Elevate your Vocals and Videos with sound that sets you apart. Check out some samples